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    Recent events in the world economy have elevated the importance of good risk management practises. In particular the tightening of regulation and closer scrutiny of organisational governance requires innovative technological solutions to ensure risks are adequately managed and costs of compliance are kept in check.

    The Forlam Group provides risk management solutions and consulting services to companies in the financial sector.

    Our core offering is the RiskActivator™ solution that complements an integrated enterprise risk framework by embedding your risk and compliance activities in the day to day operational environment. This encompasses defining, evaluating and treatment of risks.

    The solution can be tailored to your business environment and aligned to your strategic plan to maximise the return on investment.

    RiskActivator™ aims to achieve the following benefits:

    • Improve compliance, fraud, credit and operational risk processes leading to a reduction in losses
    • Strengthen existing governance structures through improved escalation procedures, enhanced collaboration tools and web based reporting
    • Reduce costs for regulatory compliance through a centralised rules repository and automated processes
    • Reduce resource costs through improved process efficiencies


Our Approach


    We believe the most appropriate solution for your needs is derived from a fully consultative approach. We bring to the table our experience and best industry practises, and you provide the specific expertise from your organisation.


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